Professor Discusses Living and Learning in South Korea

This is a example of a student-produced podcast done under my mentorship. I served as executive producer and provided technical support to the student. These interviews were recorded via Skype.

In this podcast, we feature part two of a phone interview with Saint Anselm History Professor Beth Salerno who is spending this academic year in South Korea as part of the Fulbright Scholar program.

In my interview, Professor Salerno discusses South Korean feelings toward their northern neighbor and about her plans to visit North Korea. Professor Salerno also shares how her teaching in the states will change to highlight the importance of cultures – a direct result of her time abroad.

I was interested if she would recommend that Americans visit South Korea. She gave me several great reasons why we should hop the next plane to Asia. Lastly, we conclude the interview with a question regarding what the first thing Professor Salerno will do upon her return to the states this spring.

Professor Salerno is blogging about her adventures in South Korea this entire academic year. She includes entries about her cultural experiences along with many photos documenting her life in Asia.

Photo courtesy of Prof. Beth Salerno

Listen to Podcast (Part 2)
Listen to Podcast (Part 1)

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