Alumna Working in U.S. Foreign Service

A skype interview from France. Example of a podcast where I mentored a student and executive produced the project.

Lily Whal-TucoWhen Lilly Wahl-Tuco was a senior here at Saint Anselm College, she never dreamed that she would one day be the assistant to the U.S. ambassador to France. Graduating in 1999, she went on to work with non-governmental organizations in the Manchester area and eventually went to Bosnia to pursue graduate studies. Though she began seriously considering working in the foreign service during her time in Bosnia, she credits Saint Anselm with launching her into NGO work through volunteering and internship opportunities.

Lilly passed the rigorous foreign service test and got her first appointment in Paris, France. After doing consular work for a few months, she was promoted to be the special assistant to U.S. Ambassador Craig Roberts Stapleton.

In this podcast, I ask Lilly all about this seemingly dream job. She talks about the politicians and celebrities that she comes into contact with on a daily basis working at “post” (the American Embassy). She also talks about learning French and what its like to walk by the Eiffel Tower on her way to work every day.

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