I served as executive producer or videographer/editor on the following videos. In 2011, I received multiple CASE District I Gold Awards and Telly Awards for this work. All of the politics videos listed on this page were done over the course of three days when Saint Anselm College hosted the June 2011 CNN Republican Presidential Debate.

CASE District III Awards: Grand Award for Recruitment Website or Microsite & Award of Excellence for Innovation/Experimentation (2017)

#AskaWildcat Project

The #AskaWildcat project was part of a spring yield project at Davidson College during March-April 2016. Newly admitted students had an opportunity to ask current students a variety of questions about student life at Davidson. The answers from current students were included in short videos and write-ups with additional links to websites featuring content relevant to admitted students' questions. Videos for the project were shot with iPhones. The project was promoted heavily on social media, with questions solicited directly through Twitter, SnapChat, and email. Completed videos were shared directly with students on social media.

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CASE District III Award of Excellence (2015)

30 in 30 homepage alumni profiles

30 in 30 Project

The 30 in 30 project was a Davidson College recruitment campaign targeting admitted students in April 2014. It features Skype video interviews 1-2 minutes in length, and short, easy to scan, written stories about each alumnus/a profiled. All alumni chosen for the project graduated in the last 10 years. We chose to highlight the career and post-graduate experiences of young alumni since their experience are most relevant to admitted students and their parents. The project and website received an Award of Excellence from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District III Award in the Recruitment Website or Microsite category.

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CASE District I Gold Award (2011)

Experiencing Peru

Saint Anselm College students and faculty reflect on their experience participating in a summer study tour in Peru that included visits to Lima, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. This video features footage captured by students using Flip cameras as well as professionally shot HD video.

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Studying Tropical Biology in Belize

Saint Anselm College students reflect on their experience studying tropical biology in Belize in two of the most species-rich ecosystems on the planet — the neo-tropical rainforest and coral reef.

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CASE District I Bronze Award Winner (2010)

New Hampshire Primary (Student Voices)

Every four years presidential candidates, journalists, pundits, and scholars come to Saint Anselm College as part of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary. This video includes professional- and student-shot footage captured during the coverage of various events and debates on campus from 2006-2008. Students participated in staff-led training to gather photo, audio, and video footage that could be used in blogs during the months leading up to the New Hampshire Primary and in this video.

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Interview with The Daily Show’s John Oliver

An interview with John Oliver, a correspondent for Comedy Central's The Daily Show With John Stewart from the CNN media filing center during the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate held at Saint Anselm College. See the final story I wrote—and the video John Oliver produced for the The Daily Show—on the Saint Anselm Blog

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Calm in the Middle of the Storm

Students who worked for CNN as runners give some insight into their experience and the whirlwind that is involved with staging a nationally televised debate.

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Shaking Hands With Your Future

A student discusses his experience during the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate at Saint Anselm College.

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CNN’s David Bohrman on Selecting the Perfect Modern Debate Venue

David Borhrman discusses how Saint Anselm College was the perfect place to reinvision a modern debate venue. Shot with an inexpensive Kodak Zi8 HD camera and wireless handheld mic. Edited with iMovie.

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CNN’s Sam Feist Offers Tour of NH GOP Debate Venue

Sam Feist, Washington D.C. bureau chief and executive producer for the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate at Saint Anselm College, provides a tour of the June 13, 2011 debate venue. Shot with an inexpensive Kodak Zi8 HD camera and wireless handheld mic. Edited with iMovie.

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Tour of CNN Election Express Bus

Joshua Rubin, producer on the CNN Election Express, provides an inside look at CNN's mobile news bureau. The bus found a home on the Saint Anselm College quad in the week leading up to the June 13, 2011 New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate at the college. Shot with an inexpensive Kodak Zi8 HD camera and wireless handheld mic. Edited with iMovie.

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Study Abroad

Vietnam: Journey Through History

This video highlights a Vietnam study tour offered during January 2011 with participants from Saint Anselm College and Williams College. Eighteen students participated in the course that included visits to historical sites related to Vietnam’s war with the U.S. and the country's history outside of the American War — its imperial past, the period of French colonialism, and Vietnamese history since unification.

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Business and Culture in China

Saint Anselm College students in the Business and Culture in China course were exposed to the fastest growing economy in the world. Students spent time in China's three most important commercial, cultural, and government cities -- Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing -- visiting major multinational corporations, and participating in cultural activities and lectures from Chinese University business faculty.

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Business in China

Students reflect on their experience during a China study tour. Students talk about the rapid growth of China and how business can bring countries closer together.

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Vietnam: Making Connections

Making connections between people and cultures, students visit Vietnam during a January 2011 study tour and reflect on their experience.

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Teaching in China

Alice McAvoy is a 2010 graduate of Saint Anselm College. After graduation, she decided she wanted to explore the world and chose to work in Shanghai, China teaching English to kindergarten students through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Alice looks back at her experience at Saint Anselm College and how it prepared her for teaching in China.

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Faculty Profile

Studying Marine Ecology at a Liberal Arts College

Brian Penney, Ph.D. is a marine ecologist and professor of biology at Saint Anselm College. In this video he discusses the importance of a liberal arts education to the sciences, specifically the foundation it provides for critical thinking and understanding the natural world around us.

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